The passion and thrust of YWAM SHIPS PHILIPPINES is to bring medical, dental, ophthalmic and primary health care aid into the most isolated islands of our country. We have the capacity to overcome isolation and lack of access through the use of ships, allowing local health workers and other volunteer personnel transport to many communities, which currently struggle to receive basic services.

Our mission is to reach areas that have barely any chance at getting aid and medical services.

The Philippines’ inhospitable terrain, extensive waterways, infrastructure challenges, and the extreme remoteness of many communities, all pose a significant challenge to effective health service delivery. The m/v PACIFIC LINK overcomes isolation by traveling to remote locations, 2 weeks at a time, by deploying multiple teams via tenders. These teams travel out further again and engage with even more isolated villages. Other teams trek inland from coastal landing sites. The m/v PACIFIC LINK itself performs a logistical support role and also houses specialized facilities.

Programs Include

• Primary Health Care (encompassing maternal and child health)
• Eye Health (Optometry and Ophthalmology)
• Dentistry
• Health promotion
• Water and sanitation
• Continuing professional development programs for rural health professionals
• Distribution of essential medical consumables to remote health facilities

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Serving the needs of the isolated islands of The Philippines


We carry volunteers and medical supplies, bringing compassion, hope, and training to remote locations accessible only by ships.